World Class Logistics, the event where ULMA Handling Systems will speak about Intralogistics Automation

On 12th December, ULMA Handling Systems will give a conference at the World Class Logistics event to be held in Paris.

Under the slogan “Abordez votre logistique de demain”, which aims to bring us closer to the logistics of tomorrow, World Class Logistics will be held on 12th December in the French city of Paris. The event will focus on innovation and innovative methods that organisations can use to generate value around all the components of their value chain.

The French World Class Logistics event will bring together the main players in logistics to talk about new technologies, new practices and new challenges in today’s logistics.

One of these players is Rémy Leveque, commercial manager of ULMA Handling Systems France, who will explain integrated intralogistics automation regardless of the volume or type of product, with the help of some of our success stories.

If you would like to attend the event, please do not hesitate to contact us!