We are ULMA, the voice of a committed Group speaking to you directly

The ULMA’ car park became centre stage yesterday afternoon, hosting a group of nearly 200 people from the different ULMA Group Businesses. The aim of the gathering was to create an image to represent and pay homage to the Group’s main asset: its People.

The wealth and personality that sets our Co-operative Group apart, with over 50 years business trajectory, is born of the commitment of all our workers, partners and people.

The slogan “ULMA Gara! ¡Somos ULMA! We are ULMA!” aims to give a voice to the protagonists of our business partnership, and bear direct witness to them in the different languages that form the local and international identity of the Group. The photo will included in the new printed, digital and audio-visual media to be edited and published soon by ULMA Group.