Val Market chose ULMA for the drainage system at its facilities

This emblematic building in Valladolid has been totally renovated, and ULMA was chosen for its drainage system.

Val market is an example of iron architecture located in Valladolid. It is the oldest market still conserved in the city and was constructed between 1878 and 1882.

Its latest major remodelling has been developed over the last two years with an investment of close to 11 million Euros.

In this project, ULMA channels from the MULTIV+ range have been installed. This range is very complete and has a V-shaped section optimised for greater hydraulic capacity. The polymer concrete channels have been fitted with mesh gratings at the entrances to the market’s garages.

In addition, stainless steel end caps have been supplied, which are developed to meet the agri-food industry’s requirements for cleanliness, hygiene and durability; for these markets where the meat, dairy, fruit and vegetable and fish and seafood production is concentrated.

As a result, these end caps are very easy and convenient to clean and maintain. In addition, they are robust and durable, and resistant to pressure and chemicals. We can highlight that the design, manufacturing and quality control of ULMA’s products manufactured in stainless steel have the approval of the main international ratings authorities.

The stainless steel range complements the range of polymer concrete drainage products, offering customers a comprehensive solution.

City: Valladolid
Country: España
Products used: MULTIV+ range channels