ULMA Ventilated Façades guarantee beauty and uniformity for the Porto Seguro Theatre in Brazil

Located in São Paulo city centre, the work designed by the Architects’ Studio AIC Arquitectura e Urbanismo forms part of a project for the renovation of the Campos Elísios district.

The challenge was to decide on the architectural language to be used between the two existing buildings: the architect Israel Sancovski’s refurbished shopping centre and the newly built theatre. The harmonious combination of the two buildings was made possible by the flexibility and adaptability of the ULMA Arvitctural Solution´s Ventilated Facade system

The structure and pillars of the existing building required reinforcement before undertaking the refurbishment project, and the choice of materials and their finish, weather resistance and speed of installation were also decisive.

3,000 lm of Vanguard range Stoneo ventilated Facade was installed, in color P06. And 1.80 x 0.90 m panels were chosen for the project, a large format that equips the building with an elegant appearance, with the existing tower being transformed into a new sustainable construction. Thanks to ULMA’s installation system, the original Facade did not need to be demolished.

Other positive aspects of this construction system are its energy savings, its hard-wearing nature and its ease of maintenance. It also provides different format, texture and colour options. Rodrigo Gamero, the company’s sales representative affirms: “the architect chose our construction system because of the technical solution provided, its aesthetic possibilities and its sustainability”.

The Vanguard range can provide a solution for each individual project, enabling cut-to-measure slabs and flexible formats. Adaptability, flexibility and guaranteed high quality are the cornerstones of our most cutting-edge range, which also has a 10-year guarantee. Finally, the ULMA Ventilated Facade system contributes to LEED v3 Certification with 1 prerequisite and 12 credits, earning up to 32 points depending on the specific features of each Project.