ULMA takes part in a project that will remodel the historic heart of Bolzano

The project, in which ULMA Construction participates with a wide range of its products, foresees a multifunctional building that will be part of the remodeling plan for the center of the city of Bolzano (Italy).

Known as WaltherPark, the project aims to build a complex of multipurpose buildings that will include a shopping center, car parks, offices, restaurants, homes and a quality hotel, as well as large green areas. Nonetheless, this construction project, that ULMA is part of, has an approximate area of ​​16,000 m². As part of the redevelopment plan for the entire historic district of Bolzano, it hopes to transform WaltherPark into a tourist attraction for the city.

ULMA has provided a wide range of solutions in Bolzano

To carry out the project, ULMA Construction has supplied a wide range of its different products such as formwork systems, shoring, props and safety railings:

The different ULMA formwork, shoring and prop systems have allowed the construction of the walls and pillars of the project buildings and have been key for the client when it comes to adapting to the unevenness of the work and reaching difficult areas with total security. Added to all this are the safety railings that have allowed them to install temporary protection against falls.

Also, ULMA has proposed solutions using the best technologies and collaboration with the client has been constant in order to solve any problems that could arise during the works.

For more details on the project, do not miss the video. Learn about the characteristics of the project and the solutions and products provided by ULMA Construction.