ULMA solutions for the pharmaceutical industry leader Bidafarma

The pharmaceutical company Bidafarma has trusted the Movik Solutions range from ULMA Handling Systems to optimize its operations.

Bidafarma, a leading company in the wholesale distribution sector of wide-range medicines and top 100 in Spain, has trusted the Movik Solutions range from ULMA Handling Systems to optimize storage, replenishment and order preparation operations, especially for references. of a large volume of its facilities in Madrid.

Movik Solutions Ulma Handling Systems’ range responds to less complex automation needs and can be a first step towards automation.

The project has been conceived flexibly and combines three key operations: full pallet output, preparation of orders for high-turnover references, and preparation of orders for medium- and low-turnover references. In addition, it has the additional option of Batch Picking to optimize pallet movements. All are included within the same system and managed by our U-mind WMS, a logistics software with which operational information is worked together with information on the life cycle of the installation.

The pallet warehouse allows handling pallets of up to 1,000 kg, and heights of up to 2.2 meters, with the customer being able to choose the distribution that best suits them. Likewise, there are lower-height locations to house the pallets that have been picked and thus free up space.

Movik Solutions by ULMA Handling Systems

Movik Solutions is the Ulma Handling Systems range to respond to the challenges posed by current logistics in companies where a reduced level of automation is required. A scalable system, where corridors and new workstations can be added without having to make major changes and stops, with practical and comfortable use. They are one of the many attributes that this range has that seeks to reduce the cost of access to the automation of your processes.