ULMA participates in the construction of the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art

Conceived as one of the most modern cultural buildings in the world, the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, not only will it become a nerve centre for art followers, but it will also provide an unforgettable experience for lovers of architecture and construction.

The ULMA Poland engineering team has worked continuously on the studies and application of formwork and scaffolding to ensure the highest quality of the concrete surfaces of this building located in the city centre of Warsaw. Characteristic exposed white concrete walls combine perfectly with the interior spaces while the volume of the building integrated into the cultural environment of the city.

In addition to the technical knowledge and experience, ULMA has provided its logistical capacity, which, given the large size and complexity of the project of the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, ULMA had to guarantee the deliveries of equipment according to a strict schedule and, above all, make possible the supply to the work of already pre-assembled formwork structures.

One of the biggest construction challenges of the project has been the exposed concrete façade. Due to its dimensions and characteristics, they divided the construction of the façade  into two phases, the lower and the upper. In both cases, they used the different ULMA Construction solutions to comply with the characteristics and conditions of this unique work.