ULMA Packaging conveys the perfect automated solution for Border Biscuits

ULMA Packaging’s expertise in supplying complete automated packing lines for the food industry has paid dividends for Border Biscuits Ltd, which has seen a doubling of production for one of its main sectors following an installation at the baker’s Lanarkshire site.

The renowned family-owned biscuit manufacturer, which produces over 300,000 packets of biscuits a week at its Lanark factory, invested in ULMA’s row distribution system to help meet the demand for its popular range of mixed variety products for wholesalers and caterers.

Border Biscuits chose ULMA over three of its competitors to install a packaging line including two Atlanta Hi-tech flowrappers with Dakota infeed units, where products are sorted one on top of the other to achieve twin packs at speeds of up to 150 per minute.

After going through the packaging process, ULMA is also responsible for the automated box management system. This system consists of two cardboard box forming machines, conveying them to the case packers where packed product is boxed to finally close automatically by two closing systems.

This twin case opening and loading systems, supplied by ULMA, counts required packs accuratelly and it’s automatically adapted to the existing different box formats. This flexible system is well suited to the different boxes the customer works with.

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