ULMA improves drainage of the UK’s largest outdoor pool

London’s Tooting Bec Lido, a majestic 90-metre aquatic wonder, is the largest open-air freshwater swimming pool in the UK. Now its drainage system has been renewed with the solutions provided by ULMA Architectural Solutions.

This historic jewel dating back to 1906, also known as the “crown jewel” of the Wandsworth sports facilities (London, United Kingdom), hosts the National Cold Water Swimming Championships, in which guests from several countries compete, thus highlighting the international reputation of the pool. In addition, its unheated waters and historic atmosphere have even attracted film recordings and renowned actors.

Within its long and prolific history, a new chapter now begins thanks to the improvement of its drainage system. This improvement has been carried out by ULMA Architectural Solutions with the installation of polypropylene channels and composite grilles. The objective; improve the drainage of the facility and at the same time maintain the historical charm of the pool.

A tailored drainage solution

The channels chosen for this project are plastic polypropylene channels intended mainly for pedestrian use and which stand out for their durability and load capacity. Additionally, as a complement to these channels, composite grilles have been installed.

There are three main reasons why composite grilles have been chosen:

  • Non-corrosive: Made from a high-performance composite material, these grates are resistant to the corrosive effects of time and water, allowing them to offer a long service life. They are resistant to chlorine, so they are not affected by the products used in the pool.
  • Theft-proof security: Made from a material with no resale value, these grates provide an additional layer of security to the pool infrastructure.
  • Anti-heel: These slotted composite gratings, resistant to heels, are ideal for these areas, which are usually surrounded by trees. Thanks to their design, it prevents the leaves from falling inside the channels, since the entrances are smaller than in other grates. This design is also ideal for areas where people walk barefoot.

Lastly, and as an example of ULMA’s personalized attention to its clients, this project required making a special open cover that would allow 90º turns in the channels to cover the corners.