ULMA have accompanied CAF throughout digitization process

Our client CAF, an international leader in comprehensive sustainable mobility systems, is involved in a company-wide full digitalization initiative. As part of it, they have included the digitalization and improvement of V&V activities. The project include, among other things, the configuration of V&V process structure, the digitization of the test protocols or the integration of various tools.

CAF has relied on the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) platform to digitize the verification and validation processes of its products. Thanks to DOORS, ETM, EWM or ELO Publishing tools on the platform, they have been able to carry out the project successfully.

As experts in IBM tools and systems engineering, ULMA Embedded Solutions engineers have accompanied CAF throughout this process.

IBM has selected this project to present it at the ELM Virtual User Conference that took place from May 17 to May 20. CAF and ULMA presented the details of the project, the problems that had to be solved, the results, as well as the next steps.