ULMA Handling Systems trust its future in the Industrial 4.0 Revolution

ULMA Handling Systems has open its doors to the INDUSTRY 4.0 to continue with its constant innovation strategy revolution, which is presented as the industry of the future, where the virtual world of the information technology (IT), the physical world of the machines and Internet, become one.

In collaboration with technology centers, ULMA Handling Systems is currently developing different projects with the INDUSTRY 4.0 seal, designed to generate systems in a Human-Machine collaborative environment or the development of analysis software able to convert the generated data by smart warehouses in useful information for taking successful decisions. The development of these projects will allow the monitoring and interaction in real time, obtaining significant advantages in productivity and efficiency of the logistic processes.

Roberto Arriaran, Innovation director in ULMA Handling Systems says that “the challenge of this new industrial revolution comes from the digitization and integration of the products, machines, value chains and business which permits the digitization and integration of the ICT (information and communication technology) in all the logistics process”. “INDUSTRY 4.0 means turning our company into a smart company that allows us managing key information to get the best results that directly impact in the quality of the service offered to our customers” adds Arriaran.

INDUSTRY 4.0 is presented as a new way of organizing the value chain that aims to launch a large number of “intralogistic solutions- smart warehouse” able to achieve higher adaptability to the needs and logistic processes, such as a more efficient allocation of the resources.