ULMA Handling Systems Builds Automatic Warehouse for E. Leclerc Group in Normandy

The supermarket and hypermarket chain has trusted ULMA Handling Systems to design, build and commission its SCA Normande automatic warehouse located in Normandy (France).

SCA Normande is the supply center for the supermarkets that E. LeClerc has in Normandy, the Antilles Islands and Reunion Island. The center needed a warehouse to handle its dry products and install a pallet storage system. With this they wanted to improve the service to the stores and keep up with their growing business activity.

To solve the need presented, the ULMA Handling Systems team designed a system that receives pallets from the wholesaler or manufacturer and prepares orders from the stores.

The solution developed and implemented in the warehouse has a reception area that allows SCA Normande to increase productivity, reduce control, classification and storage cycle time, as well as guarantee its reliability.

A new building of 4,500 m2

The building that contains the entire system reaches 42 meters in height and has 10 stacker cranes. The total surface area of ​​the facility is 4,500 m2. It has the capacity to store 30,000 pallets has been achieved and where 66% of the process is automated.

Among the most notable features of this facility are the seven IKPAL palletizing robots developed by ULMA Handling Systems in collaboration with Tekniker, a technology center specialized in advanced manufacturing, surface engineering, product engineering and ICTs for manufacturing.


These robots build mixed pallets with products that will go to supermarkets and hypermarkets. These are products of different sizes and weights, which have to arrive in a specific order for the robots to build stable pallets. This is achieved thanks to the WMS software that calculates this sequence and which has also been developed at ULMA.