ULMA Group receives the GOSASUN Stamp in recognition of their work in fostering occupational health

Under the heading “Innovating in health involves everyone”, the session organised by Innobasque and held this Tuesday at the San Sebastian Campus of Deusto University served to make known three innovation projects and good practices regarding the promotion of healthy habits worthy of the GOSASUN stamps.

The session was opened by Innobasque and the Basque Government Public Health Sub-director Jon Zuazagoitia, who introduced the representatives of the three bodies awarded the GOSASUN stamp.

Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council Public Health Unit Head Francisco Gómez started the series of talks informing the attendees of the comprehensive programme encouraging consumption of fruit and vegetables among children.

Likewise, Susana Gorbeña, coordinator of the Deusto Health Master Plan, presented a successful case with commitment to the health and well-being of everyone.

The “Izan Osasuntsu” Programme success story was presented by ULMA Group Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator Iñaki Igarzabal, who began with an introduction of the activities ULMA Group has embarked on in recent years demonstrating the firm commitment undertaken and longstanding history regarding the promotion of occupational health.

Thus, Active Ergonomics is one of the activities whose aim is to help discover and become aware of incorrect postures frequently adopted in an occupational environment and provide keys to self-protection via different techniques and methodologies to mitigate and prevent possible injuries.

The Healthy Menu Programme is another activity whose originality was greatly accepted with the involvement of restaurants which have agreements with ULMA Group, not to mention the diners themselves, workers and partners. Thus some of the participants offered the daily option of a healthy menu while the others enjoyed achieving active participation in improving dietary habits.

Finally, Iñaki Igarzabal explained the keys to the success of the “Izan Osasuntsu” Programme and the GOSASUN Stamp, consisting of promoting physical exercise, the importance of guaranteeing a healthy psychosocial environment, health care and fostering healthy habits within ULMA Group.

The work of ULMA Group recognised with the GOSASUN Stamp is basically the result of developing and effectively implementing health programmes with the commitment of its target public when assuming the aims of improving occupational health via the development of personal and group skills and responsibilities related to health management, safety, self-care and personal development.