ULMA Group is taking part in HETEL 2014 to support Basque Vocational Education and Training

EfVTE (European Forum of Vocational Education and Training) received the award. Julen Elgeta, chairperson of HETEL acknowledged the association’s work in professional education and insisted on the importance of innovation and incorporation of the BVET centres in Basque science and technology network.

The novelty of this year’s edition was the organisation of a discussion round table, where representatives of several companies like: ULMA Group, ERKIDE, CIE Automotive, IK4, CONFEBASK or EUSKALTEL took part sharing their reflections regarding vocational education and training.

The importance of dialogue between the vocational education and training centres and companies was highlighted in the first debate where Irene Alberdi, ULMA Group chairperson and Patxi Olabarria, ERKIDE vice-chairperson took part, as being decisive when training and educating youngsters of the future. In addition it highlighted the importance of attending to the needs of companies to compete on a global market.

To finish, after congratulating the award-winning association, Cristina Uriarte, the Basque Education Minister, insisted on the fact vocational education and training was not the educational system Cinderella. Furthermore she defended the importance of the Basque VET and its focus on internationalisation.