ULMA Group a “pioneer” in launching the domain “.eus”

ULMA Group is one of the 91 companies and institutions in the Basque Country to have activated the domain www.ulma.eus, from which their web contents in Basque can be accessed.

With this “pioneering” initiative ULMA aids and supports promotion of the new .eus domain, which will facilitate visibility of the Basque language and culture on the internet.

The domain launch is divided into two stages, the exclusivity phase and the launch itself.

During the first stage, 91 “pioneering” web sites will be the first to have URLs with the Basque domain visible on the internet.

In April the first web site with the .eus domain was activated, namely www.domeinuak.eus, published by the PuntuEus Foundation, whose aim is to achieve extensive internet presence of the Basque linguistic and cultural communities, reflected in their own domain.