ULMA Foundation in collaboration with UNHCR calls on its workers to show solidarity with Syrian refugees.

The ULMA Foundation, in collaboration with UNHCR, wishes to help its workers alleviate the current Syrian refugee crisis.

To kick the campaign off, the ULMA Foundation will provide the first €1,500 and has provided a mechanism so that we can all contribute easily and simply. Although the contribution may seem small, it is actually very significant because every bit helps and the contributions could mean: €50 Drinking water for 70 people, €75 blankets for 12 people, €150 canvass refuge for 10 families or €400 tent for one family.

UNHCR is the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. UNHCR protects and helps refugees from wars around the globe since 1946. It was created to help one million European refugees following the end of the Second World War.

Today millions of Syrians need help. The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our times, and these families’ needs continue to grow. Men, women, children, the aged, the sick…. are all fleeing a terrible conflict that has already generated more than 4 million refugees. Neighbouring countries have been pushed to the limit, with thousands of families trying to survive under very difficult conditions and many refugees risking their lives attempting to reach Europe, fleeing death. There are more than 60 million refugees in the world, 50 million of which are in Africa.
*Cost 6 euros (entire amount donated to UNHCR). SMS service for collecting charity campaign funds operated by Altiria TIC and the Spanish Fundraising Association (AEFr). Customer support: 902 002 898, post office box 36059, 28080 Madrid. By sending an SMS your telephone number will be included in an automated file, owned by the Spanish Committee for UNHCR domiciled in Madrid, Calle Cedaceros 11, for the purpose of managing your donation. You may exercise your rights of access, amendment and/or cancellation and opposition at any time by sending a written and signed request accompanied by a copy of your National Identity Card or equivalent to the address above or via the website at www.eacnur.org