ULMA drainage solutions for Atlético Mineiro´s new stadium

ULMA Architectural Solutions drainage solutions have been chosen for the Arena MRV located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The country´s tenth-largest soccer stadium.

Since May, one of the most important clubs in Brazil has had a new stadium in the town of Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais. It is the Arena MRV of Club Atlético Mineiro. A stadium that has a capacity of 47,000 seats, which places it among the ten largest stadiums in the country.

This macro-project has a constructed area of ​​185,655.19 m² and has been designed by the Farkasvölgyi Arquitetura architecture studio. For the evacuation of rainwater from the stadium, they have opted for the solutions offered by ULMA Architectural Solutions.

ULMA Architectural Solutions custom drainage solutions

ULMA’s main objective, and the key to the success of the project, resided in guaranteeing that the projected channelling systems were optimal both in terms of drainage capacity and cost.

Thanks to multiplatform software developed by ULMA Architectural Solutions, they found the ideal solution for the MRV Arena. This software performs hydraulic studies and serves to know in advance the most suitable channel model for each project.

The team in charge of the project initially planned to use drainage channels manufactured on-site with a width of 450mm and a height of 200mm. But after carrying out the hydraulic study, ULMA’s engineering department determined that the installation of cascading channels was the best option. These channels are a combination of straight channels at different heights that are joined using connecting shims.

ULMA drainage systems installation.

For this new stadium located in Belo Horizonte ( Brazil ), ULMA ´s U100 drainage channels have been chosen. With a height that varied from 130mm to 230mm they are able to respond to the same flow rate of the initial design. A lighter (and cheaper) option, but with the same evacuation capacity that they had initially planned.