ULMA drainage channels in Decathlon’s one hundredth store

Polymer concrete drainage channels have been supplied for installation as part of the Decathlon store in Valladolid.

ULMA Architectural Solutions has been involved in the work on Decathlon’s one hundredth store, located in the town of Arroyo de la Encomienda in Valladolid. As the Council Leader, José Manuel Méndez, pointed out: “Seldom has a new store been so in keeping with the profile of local residents. The population in Arroyo is aged between 25 and 45, most of whom use our different sports facilities”.

The channels have been installed in the store’s car park. In total, 250 ml of MULTIV+ channels, R200G30R model, with cast-iron grille. These channels withstand up to load class D-400 in accordance with Standard EN-1433.

The MULTIV channel models can be installed cascading in slopes and with an integrated slope of 0.5%, making it easier to collect rainwater. They also have an optimised self-cleaning V-section, specially designed for channel sections with no longitudinal slope.