ULMA drainage channels for the Rafa Nadal Academy courts

Drainage in sports facilities is crucial to ensure optimal performance and the safety of athletes. It prevents the accumulation of water on the playing surface, preserves the quality of the surface and contributes to the durability of the infrastructure. In addition, a proper drainage system allows you to enjoy sports regardless of the weather conditions.

In short, it is a critical component to long-term success and sustainability of sports facilities. Even more so, when it comes to top-level facilities like the Rafa Nadal Academy. The tennis academy created by the Mallorcan tennis player where the next generation of elite athletes trains and relied on ULMA Architectural Solutions for the drainage of its facilities.

The tennis courts and academy facilities, where the future tennis players learn, have a wide variety of models from different families of ULMA drainage channels.

Drainage channels by ULMA Architectural Solutions

Walking through the facilities, you can find channels from the SELF family, for areas of pedestrian use and sporadic traffic, as well as channels from the SPORT family, drainage channels for sports facilities, which, logically, are installed on the perimeter of the facilities. Tennis courts, both clay and fast courts, the queens of the place.

You can find more technical channels such as the MultiV+, more versatile in use and suitable for intermediate loads and road traffic, and also the Hydro channels. The latter are polypropylene channels also intended for pedestrian use and sporadic passenger car traffic.

As you can see, projects of this magnitude require different solutions and thanks to the advice of the ULMA Architectural Solutions technical team, the best drainage solution can be found for each area.

Hydraulic calculation

The technical engineering team studies each project to guarantee that the planned channelling systems are optimal both in evacuation capacity and cost.

They have a multi-platform software developed by ULMA, which, in a simple and precise way, allows you to optimize the cost of channel lines by selecting the most appropriate channel for the application, the exact location of intermediate outlets or the distribution of channels in cascading slope shape.