ULMA Conveyor Components launches its new digital project: www.ulmaconveyor.com

The new website is part of its strategic plan, developed last year, a key element of which is focussed on the development and international consolidation of its business. The site includes two new languages – French and German – and intuitive browsing for easy access to the new content.

Its now easier to contact ULMA Conveyor Components and discover the latest news for its target public, which mainly consists of mining, energy and engineering sector companies.

The technical descriptions of individual and bulk load conveyance components such as rollers, garlands, pulleys and idlers show the type of customers it is aimed at: highly specialised companies with rigorous requirements for developing engineering to suit their specific needs and projects.

With this new website, www.ulmaconveyor.com, ULMA Conveyor Components pools knowledge and technical solutions that are largely the result of close collaboration between its highly-qualified engineering team and each of its customers, and this experience may clearly be very valuable to potential customers working in similar sectors.