ULMA Construction offers flexible solutions for Dubai City Walk Project

ULMA has offered rapid, simple, and, most importantly, flexible solutions for this project composed of extremely diverse slab thicknesses and heights

The city of Dubai is constantly growing and constantly creating new architectural projects that garner global renown. One such project is the Dubai City Walk.

The project is composed of 52 retail outlets and restaurants spread over 13,000 m2, serving tourists and locals alike. It also includes a large exterior area with views of the surroundings, including Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world.  

ULMA Construction provided flexible solutions adapted to each individual storey of the project, adjusting to the diversity of slab thicknesses and heights required. Prefabricated slabs were combined with slabs poured on site.

The solution developed for this project was to combine the ENKOFLEX slab formwork system with the T-60 frame shoring system.

ENKOFLEX provided flexibility, allowing the configuration of unique formwork solutions for each slab shape and size. Complex and demanding building requirements were thus met with a simple solution.

Metal walers were also used to shore both the thicker slabs and the prefabricated slabs requiring large distances between supports.

ULMA Construction supplied 18,000 T-60 shoring frames, a system chosen for its wide range of frames, high load-bearing capacity, and height-adjustment capabilities with both screw jacks and varied frame sizes. This system allowed all of the varied height requirements for each storey to be satisfied in a quick, efficient, and utterly safe manner.