ULMA Construction launches the most optimised light formwork solution into the market

The light LGW formwork is the result of turning research and innovation into new products, new solutions and new services for the customer.

LGW wall formwork is geared to residential construction. The high project costs ask for increasingly lighter and simpler solutions or formwork systems that increase assembly efficiency. LGW is ULMA’s answer to the requirements of the market and to customer requests in projects all over the world.

With this product, ULMA stroke a balance between weight and strength in the most cost-effective way. With the weight (30 kg/m2) of an average panel, its load bearing capacity increased up to 60kN/m2 in the entire range and up to 80 kN/m2 in the case of the universal panel. In the case of walls with the same height of the panel, there is no need to control the pouring rate.