ULMA collaborates in the S.P.A.I.N. project to recycle masks for sanitary use

During the health crisis that we are currently experiencing caused by Covid-19, ULMA has wished to do its parts in contributing with solutions for the health sector by collaborating in the S.P.A.I.N. project.  It consists of a collaboration platform founded in Asturias by initiative of Dr David Hevia Sánchez, professor at the University of Oviedo, who is searching for alternatives to the shortage of masks for sanitary use, due to the high current demand for them.

Several companies, among which is the Packaging Business of the ULMA Group, have decided to apply their expertise and technical and human resources to provide solutions for the implementation of this initiative, which is also committed to sustainability, by reusing sanitary masks and giving them a new life, once they have gone through various sanitisation and sterilisation processes.

ULMA Packaging collaborates with the project by providing an FM 205 flow pack wrapping machine that has been adapted for the hermetic packaging of masks. It is a very flexible machine that allows multiple applications, adapted in record time to be shipped to Asturias, where the masks will be packaged. In the packaging process, a film specially designed to withstand sterilisation processes is used. Once the product is packaged in 25-unit packages, it goes through the final sterilisation process in an autoclave and is then sent to its final use.

The SPAIN project, in which all the people who participate are volunteers and which has the voluntary participation of numerous companies and institutions, is an example of the solidarity and collective effort that will undoubtedly be one of the ways to overcome this crisis.