ULMA Architectural Solutions in the façade of the new courts in Segovia

Modern judicial architecture is focused on creating functional spaces for people involved in legal procedures: lawyers, judges, defendants and attorneys, among others. Because it is crucial to prioritize the needs of users above all else.

An example of this type of architecture is the new Segovia Courthouse. This impressive 3-story building is on a 13,000 m2 site and is characterized by three large geometric structures that appear to be delicately perched upon a solid base.

The choice of a contemporary aesthetic is characterized by clean lines and a design that plays with volume and geometry. The objective is to create a professional environment that reflected its seriousness.

Its 3,030 m2 surface area has been lined with Stoneo panels, providing ULMA Architectural Solutions ventilated facade construction solution. For this judicial architecture project, the slate texture from the Pure range was chosen, in a white shade. This elegant choice gives the building a clean and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Volume, geometry and noble materials

Volume and geometry are essential elements in architecture, as they define the shape of buildings and are key to achieving coherent and pleasant design.

The main façade of the new Segovia courthouses has 3 large shapes in the form of rectangular cubes, which frame the large curtain-wall windows. These windows are covered with ULMA Architectural Solutions slats, to prevent overheating during the summer months.

ULMA Architectural Solutions slats

The three large structures are formed from exposed concrete and rest delicately on the base module clad with Stoneo panels. The difficulty with this elevation involved squaring the breakdown of this face of the building, where there are numerous window openings. This is usually one of the critical points in the execution and planning of a façade.

The three large structures are formed from exposed concrete and rest delicately on the base module clad with Stoneo panels.

Indoors and outdoors in the same language, the same material

Another characteristic feature of this project is the use of the same material for both the interior and the exterior. Architectural projects are leaning more and more towards this option.  We have done this in large halls or by covering areas adjacent to the entrance.

At this courthouse the interior face was covered with structures that surround the patios with the same panels used on the exterior. Separate interior elements have also been cladded with Stoneo.

In summary, the new Segovia courthouses are an outstanding example of contemporary architectural design, forming a commanding space for administering justice in the city.