ULMA Architectural Solutions channels for the new entrance at FC BARCELONA facilities at Camp Nou

The new main entrance to the facilities of FC Barcelona now located at Access 14, open the club to the district, while improving interaction with its neighbouring public with its new freely accessible public places. This project enlarges the main entrance to the facilities of FC Barcelona in the grounds of Les Corts.

It facilitates the connection between the main entrance to the Stadium grandstand, where the greatest crowd numbers converge, thus solving   problems of coexistence between vehicles and pedestrians both everyday and on match days, so that people feel safer.

ULMA Architectural Solutions  has opted for the installation of drainage channels  from the Mini Range  for the 400 lm required as they are specially designed and respond perfectly to the requirements of project. The drainage channel M200K with its ribbed cast iron grate FNX200KCCM was the chosen model.

The Quality and reliability of ULMA drainage channels, as well as being able to adapt them to the modern and accessible facilities were the main reasons for choosing the solution provided by ULMA Architectural Solutions.