Two indispensable conditions

When a client contacts us because he needs a drainage solution, there are times when, due to the characteristics of the project, he sets out indispensable conditions that must be met.  

These conditions may be linked to different aspects such as hydraulic capacity, height limitations or the type of load that the channels will have to support, among others. 

We always try to offer the best solution and that is why we focus on complying with all the specifications. As, for example, in this project we have carried out in Germany. 

It is about the factory Hermesmeyer Vertriebs GmbH, located in Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany). This company in the food industry is dedicated to the comercialization of high quality meat and sausage products. 

The customer needed to install drainage channels in the immediate vicinity of the industrial area, and when he contacted us, he mentioned these two conditions that our solutions had to meet: 

Firstly, there were difficulties in the area due to the existing foundations. There was a height limitation, so only channels of a specific height and width could be installed.

Secondly, as this is an area that has to withstand heavy traffic, the channels had to be strong and resistant. In the loading and unloading area there is daily traffic, and there are also the sloping ramps where trucks wait to be loaded by forklift trucks. 

The Civil S family of drainage channels met both requirements with ease.

Channels for heavy loads with height limitation

These channels are capable of carrying heavy loads (up to F900) and have been specially designed for areas with height restrictions. 

En nuestra gama disponemos de diferentes anchuras, y en este caso, se han utilizado los modelos S200 y S250 Different widths are available in our range, and in this case, the S200 and S250 (for the sloping ramp area) have been used, both with ribbed cast iron gratings. 

The channels have a security fixing at 8 points per linear metre, thus ensuring a correct seating of the grating with the profile, and guaranteeing greater stability and distribution of forces along the entire grating and channel 

Due to the safety and resistance they provide, Civil S channels are ideal for installation in service stations, loading and unloading areas, industrial warehouses, airports, heavy vehicle car parks…

The material: polymer concrete

Our entire range of channels is made of polymer concrete, a high quality material composed of a selected combination of aggregates. 

This material is 4 times more resistant than traditional concrete: it can withstand up to 1300 kp/cm2 compared to 700 kp/cm2 for fibre cement or 500 kp/cm2 for traditional concrete. 

As a composite material, it guarantees the preservation of surfaces over time and allows for smooth surfaces with very low friction in the prefabricated elements, facilitating the rapid removal of fluids, guaranteeing the watertightness of the pieces and offering, in addition, a practically zero water absorption rate.

These characteristics make polymer concrete an ideal material for the evacuation of fluids.

YWe have already told you how we met the conditions set by the customer, but in addition, our channels are the range that offered the largest hydraulic section compared to other manufacturers.