The tallest building in the Brooklyn skyline

9 Dekalb Ave is a 73 storey tower standing at 325 m, making it the tallest building in Brooklyn. The skyscraper is planned to have over 500 residential units in addition to commercial space.

Based on their experience with ULMA in the construction of Brooklyn Point, the client again put their trust in our formwork, shoring, climbing, and safety systems for the execution of 9 Dekalb Ave.

ULMA is committed to integrating safety into the design of all its systems. We promote worker safety by providing solutions such as our newly improved telescopic HWS perimeter safety screens. The exceptional height and constant change in shape of the building required this technical solution. The other big challenge of this job were the three transfer levels on floors 34, 51, and 74, with thick slabs supporting solid perimeter walls designed to transfer both vertical and lateral load. The HWS system was designed to brace the wall formwork prior to pouring without interfering in hydraulic climbing, meaning that client could proceed without the use of a crane. 

The cores wre made with the RKS Rail Climbing Formwork. This system ensures safe climbing at height due to the rails attached to the walls. It is versatile and can be lifted by a hydraulic mechanism or without crane assistance.

ULMA’s lightweight handset panel MEGALITE was used to erect the walls and columns of the tower. This product supports a concrete pressure of 1250 psf and allows the erection of walls higher than 8 feet. At the same time, ENKOFLEX slab formwork was also used to form slabs 30 cm thick. The system is supported by ALUPROP aluminium posts as these have a high load-bearing capacity are easy and quick to adjust to provide safe and efficient working conditions.