The pharmaceutical company Lilly trusts again in ULMA Handling Systems

The pharmaceutical company Lilly, together with Miebach Consulting, trusts again in ULMA Handling Systems the extension of its automated logistic system.

After the success in a complete automated logistic system in the previous project of Lilly, the pharmaceutical company trusts again in ULMA to develop a new automatic transport system that will allow the company having a better traceability of its products, increasing productivity and improving distribution services.

The pharmaceutical company has built in its facilities a new white room so they have trust in ULMA to modify and extend their automatic transport system. The new system links the automatic transport of pallets with the white room, taking into account in each moment the requirements to be met in this new room of the pharmaceutical. The extension allows Lilly comply with all legal requirements and provide better service to its customers, ensuring the quality of their products.

Lilly is one of the ten leading pharmaceutical companies in the world and it bases its working philosophy on research and innovation.

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