The internationalisation strategy, key in the results of ULMA Group

Despite the difficulties, the 2014 financial year turned out to be a satisfactory one for ULMA Group, reaching consolidated sales of EUR 666 million, of which 77% corresponds to its participation in the international market. The negative effect caused by the fall in sales in recent years was attenuated thanks to the significant effort made both in the improvement of the international positioning of ULMA Group and in the diversification of risk.

At the year-end, ULMA Group had about 4,350 employees, of which more than 80% are partners and almost 49% are in international subsidiaries. With a view to this year, the business of ULMA Group maintains its development plans based on international expansion, innovation and new activities, with the objective of increasing the sales levels for the year to EUR 719 million and the 80% of the total will come from international markets.