A groundbreaking automated logistics system in the clothing sector

ULMA has developed an innovative automatic storage and picking system for the clothing firm Brandili, making the company a benchmark for the clothing industry thanks to its efficient logistics.

The project developed with ULMA is a groundbreaking benchmark in the clothing sector.

Eduardo Bertoldi de Salvo
ꓸ Brandili General Director


Before the implementation of the automation project, Brandili’s logistics were completely manual: boxes were warehoused manually and orders were prepared using lists printed on paper. After performing an exhaustive study, Brandili entrusted the design of its new system to ULMA. ULMA created an automated solution incorporating a versatile and latest-generation automated logistical system, adaptable to changing market demands, as well as any new service strategies or new products

Proposed solution

Brandili has a logistical system formed by two FSS and a classification system designed for twin trays managed from a WMS designed specifically for the solution. In addition, operators can use the intuitive Pick to Light devices when preparing multiple orders at the same time


As Brandili’s Logistics Manager, Sigfrid Hornburg, says: “The clearest advantages are in the agility, precision and control of the new picking systems“. Prior to the implementation of the automated system, Brandili prepared 300 boxes/ hour; its capacity is now 1,500.

Mr Hornburg also adds, “the employees’ safety and ergonomic working conditions have also substantially improved, and travel times have been significantly shortened“.