Several airports in Cuba and Mexico will be equipped with ULMA Baggage Handling system

ULMA advances in its expansion strategy with new assignments of international projects that will allow it to develop full Baggage Handling Systems at various airports in Cuba, Mexico and Spain.

Santiago de Cuba and Havana Airports will be the two Cuban airports where ULMA Handling Systems will develop an arrivals system with 1 and 2 flat carousels, respectively, and one feed line, which in the case of Santiago includes an integrated inspection machine.

Whilst in Mexico, Chihuahua and Hermosillo will be the two airports in which ULMA will install its Baggage Handling solutions. The first will have a checked baggage system (departures) and an arrivals system composed of flat carousels with their corresponding feed lines. Whilst Hermosillo Airport will be equipped with an arrivals system and a flat carousel.

These are pioneering projects that logistics engineering will carry out in Cuba and Mexico, undoubtedly leading to new projects planned in these countries and neighbouring countries.

Besides its international projects, ULMA will also develop a system consisting of a flat carousel for arrivals with one feed line at La Gomera Airport (Spain).