Saplex launches the new fully automated logistics system, developed by ULMA Architectural Solutions

SAPLEX, direct supplier to Mercadona specialising in the manufacture and sale of rubbish bags, launches its new smart warehouse in Canovelles (Barcelona). The solution, designed and developed by ULMA Handling Systems, has led to the full automation of all the company’s logistics processes, from the end of the production line to the goods despatch process.

ULMA’s solution consists of a Multishuttle pallet system composed of 5 vehicles that automate the automatic storage system, material sequencing or buffer system and the picking system. This solution enables optimal adaptation to any warehouse configuration, allowing maximum utilisation of storage volume and shortening flow times compared to a standard compact system.

The internal goods transportation system is performed via a system called AGV (Automated Guide Vehicle). This is a laser-guided vehicle that enables transport to a large number of storage addresses and locations in the warehouse. In addition, the communication and data exchange are performed via the wireless network (Wi-Fi), which enables strict control over the traceability of goods.

The intelligent warehouse allows SAPLEX to obtain significant improvements in the efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of their logistics processes and to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This new logistics system has a surface area of 1,250 m2, is 15 metres high and can accommodate more than 3,200 pallets.