At the ULMA Foundation, with the goal of transforming our society towards a more humane and sustainable model, we work with entities included in one of these fields:

  • Cooperation with development: We allocate 0.7% of our profits to cooperation projects in developing countries
  • Cooperativism: Training in cooperativism and support for entities that promote and aid cooperativism
  • Education: Education in general
  • Health and well-being: Health welfare entities, senior citizens, work life balance
  • Social inclusion: Promote equality and social and labour inclusion for underserved communities
  • The environment: Agro-ecology, food sovereignty, sustainable transport, energy, general environmental stewardship
  • Euskera: Promote Basque linguistic normalization
  • Sports: Promote youth system sports and popular sporting events
  • Culture: Cultural activities and entities in general

And, we distribute the social fund generated by the cooperatives of the ULMA Group throughout all those areas based on criteria approved by the ULMA Foundation Board of Trustees. The criteria guiding the distribution of funds among the different areas is based in three fundamental axes:

  • The human hierarchy of needs
  • Geographic proximity to places where ULMA has a presence
  • The volume of people who would be affected by each ULMA Foundation activity

In addition to an economic contribution to the high priority entities in each area, which are always not-for-profits, we also organise activities together where we seek the participation of ULMA workers who want to make a contribution to transforming society.

Thus, in addition to the economic part, we are calling out for solidarity and asking our people to make a contribution of time and effort. We give our people the opportunity to put solidarity into practice and know they’ve done the right thing.

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