New Lock on the Po River, Italy

Meticulous study and planning paired with careful ULMA product rotation provided for optimal performance and a reduction in the tasks necessary to perform in situ.

As a complement to the electrical power plant built in 1962, the new lock will allow river navigation between Cremona and Piacenza to resume, after a period in which decreased water flow has made travel impracticable. This lock, integrated into its surroundings, represents the first milestone in the Po River revitalisation efforts.

In order to prevent structural weaknesses in this fluvial structure, the dock was constructed in a monolithic pour without any joints. The structure covers 4,000 m2 and measures 115 m in length and 12.50 m in height, increasing to 23 m in depth at the lateral docks.

The perimeter walls, measuring more than 30 m in height, were completed in 6 m pours so that the safety standards and timeline established by the customer could be met. Covering more than 320 m in length and 5,000 m2 underwater, the single-sided walls measuring 15 m in height were poured in 8 sections of 20 m each.

After stabilising the lateral walls, single-sided MK climbing brackets were used in conjunction with ORMA modular formwork and adjustable circular formwork. These systems adapted perfectly to the irregular wall geometry, making for a final structure of the highest quality. The climbing systems were used for pours 3.5 m in height, and after reaching 37 m, two-sided BMK climbing brackets were used.

In the face of limited working space, considerable heights, and interference from other systems being used simultaneously, precise coordination and comprehensive safety were key factors in the success of this project.