Large industrial projects of ULMA in Mexico

In 2018, Mexico initiated a major drive to enhance the country’s energy infrastructure by investing in new generation plants, gas pipelines, transmission and distribution lines, and research and development. ULMA Construction has been actively engaged in multiple projects in this regard.

Notably, ULMA Construction has played a vital role in the modernization of existing refineries and the construction of new ones, such as the Olmeca Refinery in Dos Bocas, the Ethylene 21 petrochemical complex, the Miguel Hidalgo Refinery, the BALAM TA2 marine platform, and the PEMEX CA-KU-A1 Gas Compression Platform. ULMA Construction’s contributions to the development of energy infrastructures in Mexico have been significant.

In these projects, although the star product is the BRIO scaffolding since it allows multiple configurations, formwork and falsework systems have also been used in new constructions.

Meet the ULMA team in Mexico

These projects require a high level of technical, commercial, and logistical expertise, along with the ability to provide training, supervision, and supply capacity for large quantities of products across the country. ULMA Construction has demonstrated its proficiency in all these areas, supported by a group of professionals who are passionate about their work.

We work on the design of both minor and major maintenance projects for the different industrial plants in the country. The wear and tear of this type of facility is enormous since the production processes are continuous. The client tells us their needs, spaces and access at height and we offer them the scaffolding or formwork solution that can benefit them the most.

Miguel Ángel Flores, ULMA Technical Coordinator and trainer.

ULMA Construction has transitioned from participating in works of 40 tons to larger projects of over 750 tons in Mexico. Initially involved in ESEASA offshore platforms, afterwards we continued with the the maintenance of Dragados Offshore’s marine platforms that paved the way for a series of larger projects. The magnitude of these projects and the trust that ULMA Construction established led to additional major ventures.

My philosophy is to be there, next to the client. Transmit that closeness that allows me to ask them what they need and assure them that there is no project that ULMA cannot do. Because we offer a good product, good technical support.

Ricardo Alberto Anaya, Industrial Commercial Manager.

Team training before and throughout the project is critical. Constant supervision on-site provides clients with peace of mind and ensures that everything is assembled as per the studies and with complete safety. “There is always ULMA personnel on the projects, whether it is a technician, supervisor, monitor, or myself. The client knows our faces and knows that there is a great team behind it”.