Grupo Entrepinares confirms the efficiency of ULMA’s automatic systems with the extension of a new logistics system developed by ULMA

Grupo Entrepinares undertakes a new logistics project with ULMA Handling Systems through the extension of its logistics centre at its facilities in Valladolid.

This new extension will have an automatic system consisting of three additional cheese ripening chambers managed by double-depth stacker cranes. In addition, a new vehicle will be incorporated into the STV system, enabling it to take on the new flows in the loop of these automatic transport systems

The development of all the projects undertaken by ULMA for Grupo Entrepinares has allowed the company to automate its entire logistics system, from the departure of the cheeses from production to the end consumer, maintaining exhaustive control of the traceability of the food products at all times.

Automation has in turn allowed the company to improve the quality of the service and product offered to its customers, optimising logistics processes and improving service flexibility.  In this way, Grupo Entrepinares has managed to combine cheese-making tradition and the latest technological innovations.

Grupo Entrepinares is a family company in the food and agriculture sector, with almost 40 years of history, dedicated to the manufacture of cheese and dairy products.