Entrepinares commits to ULMA Handling Systems’ logistics solution

ULMA Handling Systems has developed an automatic cheese tracking system for Quesos Entrepinares, from factory to end consumer, thereby covering the entire cheese drying and ageing process. Entrepinares is an exclusive supplier to Mercadona and produces 45 million kilos of cheese a year and a range of 90 references.

The initial automation project developed by ULMA Handling Systems for Entrepinares is focussed on the ageing process. The heart of the project consists of an AGV system designed to transport 2 pallets simultaneously between production, ageing process, cutting and packaging and the shipping area.

The turning process is another stage where ULMA has implemented its internationally patented automated cheese turning system. Turning is a key stage in the cheese ageing process, enabling improved standardisation of the ageing process, leading to considerably improved quality.

At the end of the ageing process, ULMA’s systems enable automatic cheese depalletization and unpacking, and subsequent forwarding for cutting and packaging. Once prepared for consumption, the cheeses are automatically palletised and stored in 2 cold stores. The automated storage system is comprised of a satellite transelevator which enables maximum use of storage space, reducing working times.

The entire logistics system is comprised of ULMA’s Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The automation of the drying process is a new ULMA project that will implement an automatic transportation and storage system managed by transelevators connected to the turning stage, performing 1,000 movements a day. The drying process requires a controlled temperature of 10ºC and a relative humidity of 80%.