DAIFUKU repeats leadership in 2015

DAIFUKU, ULMA Handling Systems’ strategic partnership, leads the industry of Material Handling once again.

The numbers revealed by MMH (Modern Material Handling) indicate that, once again, the Japanese enterprise DAIFUKU leads Material Handling Industry, having a growth in its revenues from last year.

According to experts, there is a lot happening in the supply chain that is driving the need for more automation. In this sense, ULMA-DAIFUKU have developed the latest system in AS/RS solutions, known as FSS, which has become a transversal tool. Its presence is necessary in all companies that, apart from looking at their operating account, they decide to bet its future with a modular growth, advance in their processes’ quality, inventory control, traceability management, reduction of delivery schedules, reducing errors… and think about reaching their “dream”.

The FSS stacker crane is designed to achieve high flow of movements with a capacity to handle 4 to 8 boxes or trays simultaneously using this automated warehouse systems.

Since ULMA Handling Systems started out, they maintain a constant collaboration with DAIFUKU. This collaboration has supposed for both companies the exchange of knowledge, experiences, equipment and systems which include a range of automated products for automatic manufacturing and distribution. Thanks to this strengthening, even today, they continue sharing resources, knowledge, new challenges and eagerness.