Viaducto Pardais

ULMA takes part in the construction of the Pardais viaduct

In addition to providing its formwork and shoring solutions, ULMA Construction’s engineering service has adapted all the equipment to the needs of each construction phase of the viaduct. […]

Proyecto de ULMA en Mexico

Large industrial projects of ULMA in Mexico

In 2018, Mexico initiated a major drive to enhance the country’s energy infrastructure by investing in new generation plants, gas pipelines, transmission and distribution lines, and research and […]

Soluciones de encofrado de ULMA en el edificio 509 Third Avenue en NY

ULMA takes part in the construction of a 118 m high tower in Manhattan

The new 118 m high residential tower is located in the popular Manhattan neighbourhood of Murray Hill (New York, USA). The 36 floors include 229 flats, retail space […]

Rehabilitación del puente de Huesna por ULMA Construction

14,000 m² of ULMA´s BRIO scaffolding for the repair of the Huesna bridge in Seville

The rehabilitation of the bridge over the Huesna Valley streambed, which is located in the municipality of Villanueva del Río y Minas, and houses the railway line from […]

Construction of the new Modern Art Museum of Warsaw by ULMA

ULMA participates in the construction of the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art

Conceived as one of the most modern cultural buildings in the world, the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, not only will it become a nerve centre for art […]

ULMA takes part in a project that will remodel the historic heart of Bolzano

The project, in which ULMA Construction participates with a wide range of its products, foresees a multifunctional building that will be part of the remodeling plan for the […]

Restoration of the Vasco da Gama cable-stayed bridge, Lisbon

The Vasco da Gama Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge over the Tagus River connecting the municipality of Alcochete with Lisbon, Portugal. At over 17.3 km, it is the […]

ATR, RKS and HWS systems key in the construction of 6 towers in Gibraltar

HCT Gibraltar is a project with 665 state-subsidised properties developed and promoted by the Government of Gibraltar, the largest residential construction underway now and in the years to […]

Solution for a 240 metre span with the Balanced cantilever method

On the Cuiabá River in Brazil, construction is underway on a new bridge in balanced cantilever method that will link the Parque do Lago in Várzea Grande with […]

H-33 Truss, modular and load-bearing solution in the construction of two bridges in Kraków

Two new bridges over the Vistula are under construction in Kraków: the M1 and M3. The first will be used by long-distance trains and the second by local […]