proyecto construcción nuevo hotel Rijeka en Croacia por ULMA

ULMA ventilated facades in the Rijeka Hospital Clinical Center in Croatia

ULMA Architectural Solutions has participated in the construction works of the new Rijeka Hospital Clinical Center located in Sušak, Croatia. This modern hospital building, with a total area […]

Canales de drenaje de ULMA Architectural Solutions en la piscina de Tooting Bec Lido en el Reino Unido

ULMA improves drainage of the UK’s largest outdoor pool

London’s Tooting Bec Lido, a majestic 90-metre aquatic wonder, is the largest open-air freshwater swimming pool in the UK. Now its drainage system has been renewed with the […]

Canales ULMA en la Rafa Nadal Academy

ULMA drainage channels for the Rafa Nadal Academy courts

Drainage in sports facilities is crucial to ensure optimal performance and the safety of athletes. It prevents the accumulation of water on the playing surface, preserves the quality […]

Castillo de Edimburgo canales ULMA

ULMA Architectural Solutions installs drainage channels in Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of the best-known and most emblematic buildings in the city. Located atop the rocky hill in the heart of the city, it has a […]

ULMA Architectural Solutions in the façade of the new courts in Segovia

ULMA Architectural Solutions in the façade of the new courts in Segovia

Modern judicial architecture is focused on creating functional spaces for people involved in legal procedures: lawyers, judges, defendants and attorneys, among others. Because it is crucial to prioritize […]

Picture of the Arena MRV with ULMA´s drainage systems

ULMA drainage solutions for Atlético Mineiro´s new stadium

ULMA Architectural Solutions drainage solutions have been chosen for the Arena MRV located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The country´s tenth-largest soccer stadium. Since May, one of the most […]

We care for the elderly

Comfortable bedrooms are a given There are two current realities that we simply cannot ignore: the increasingly low birth rates and the ageing population. When I think about […]

A tall challenge

ravelling in a car without a seatbelt, smoking on a plane, or entering a hospital without wearing a mask; all these things were normal years ago, but today […]

Two indispensable conditions

When a client contacts us because he needs a drainage solution, there are times when, due to the characteristics of the project, he sets out indispensable conditions that […]

New loading and transport terminal at the Port of Barcelona. How we ensure you purchase the best drainage solution?

Many clients have told us that they spend hours weighing up the best draining solution for their projects. Here is good news; we can eliminate all the deliberating […]